Do you really expect to see butterflies in August?

A Personal Diary

by David Chandler

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“In my lifetime I have seen the decline of many animal species around the world and in my new book I document my observations and commentaries from personal experiences in such places as Australia, Asia Minor, Europe, Southern Africa and the USA.

The book is collection of my personal muses, holiday stories, reports and my scientific observations over thirty years.

The new material is supported by writings that have been published locally in three of Butterfly Conservation’s East Anglia’s branch magazines in my various guises serving as a committee officer of those groups.

In the UK I am still a voluntary recorder with Butterfly Conservation & The National Trust and with regional County Councils in Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

As I informed Butterfly Conservation’s Becky Miners back in November 2016 my aim was not to try to make the publication a “best seller” but through my personal observations, I believe I do have something important to say about conservation in East Anglia and in the wider world which should appeal to a bigger audience, so I have self published and financed a small print run of 50”.