Northants first sightings 2020

Latest correspondence 4th April 2020
IMPORTANT: We can continue to receive your sightings but please remember that, in accordance with current UK Government restrictions, you MUST NOT make any journeys away from home in order to record butterflies and moths, as these would be considered non-essential journeys. More information on recording during the current circumstances can be found on the Butterfly Conservation website.


First sighting 2020

First sighting 2019

Peacock 29th January 14th February
Small Tortoiseshell 1st January 14th February
Red Admiral 29th January 8th January
Comma 11th March 11th February
Brimstone 14th February 13th February
Small White 22nd March 25th February
Green-veined White 7th April 30th March
Orange Tip 24th March 24th March
Holly Blue 3rd April 25th March
Speckled Wood 5th April 28th March
Large White 25th March 24th March
Dingy Skipper 16th April 17th April
Grizzled Skipper 15th April 17th April
Green Hairstreak 17th April 17th April
Painted Lady 25th April 23rd February
Small Heath 5th May 19th April
Small Copper 25th April 18th April
Common Blue 22nd April 30th April
Brown Argus 5th May 30th April
Wood White 2nd May 10th May
Large Skipper 19th May 29th May
Marbled White 1st June 19th June
Black Hairstreak 27th May 4th June
Meadow Brown 27th May 2nd June
Ringlet 29th May 1st June
Dark Green Fritillary 28th May 20th June
Small Skipper 31st May 21st June
Essex Skipper 24th June 23rd June
White Admiral 13th June 22nd June
Purple Emperor 21st June 1st July
Gatekeeper 21st June 4th July
Purple Hairstreak 16th June 3rd July
Silver-washed Fritillary 9th June 18th June
White-letter Hairstreak 13th June 23rd June
Brown Hairstreak   No sighting
Clouded Yellow 22nd May 16th July
Chalkhill Blue   No sighting
Monarch   No sighting
Camberwell Beauty   No sighting